Wang Meiqin │ The Ongoing Mass Burial Cultural Action 大眾葬文化行動祭!

(WANG Meiqin 王美欽, Professor in the Department of Art at California State University, Northridge, USA)

Officially kicked off on August 28, 2021 on the Liberty Square in Taipei (a symbolic public space near the power seat of Taiwan government), Mass Burial involves multiple media/approaches such as calligraphy, architecture, performance, theatre, craftwork, forum and guided tour.

Led by Taiwan’s leading art professionals such as architect Xie Yingjun, visual artist Chen Jieren, and performance artists Wang Molin and Zeng Qiming, Mass Burial calls for public participation as a collective citizens’ action honoring the victims of COVID-19 Pandemic and questioning the increasing injustices in Taiwanese society that at once exposed by and contributes to the death toll and the silenced public. It seeks to open up spaces where marginalized voices can be heard, social and political problems can be discussed, and critical reflections can be made.   

Organized by progressive intellectuals and scholars such as the veteran cultural activists Youngie Wuo and Chung May, Mass Burial is a contemporary reenactment of the historic public protest honoring the death of Jiang Weishui during the Japanese colonial period. Its chief organizer Youngie Wuo promises this 9-day cultural action to be the most remarkable art event in Taiwan this year. Surely, it can be seen as a daring and illuminating example of Taiwan’s artivism (art + activism) that I have learnt during my past six-months’ field work in the island.

Further reading: 王美欽專文:讓鏡子發聲─評曾啓明的〈鏡.語〉

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